Kokopelli Area's Moore Fun, or More Pain!

If you are looking for one of the more technically challenging rides in the Grand Junction/Fruita area, check out Moore Fun.A buddy and I were heading out to the Kokopelli area trail head the other day, thinking of doing something mellow, when I tossed out the idea of doing Moore Fun, back Mary's Loop with a quick lap around Horsethief Bench.  It sounded like a good idea at the time, and both of us decided to rally for the adventure.  If you are going to tackle Moore Fun, be ready for a very strenuous, technical climb (heading east to west).  Once the climbing kicks in, it offers very little rest between technical step up and rock garden sections.  The decent down to the Lions Loop parking area is fun, and has some technical challenges as well.  If you can ride it and still feel ready to go at the end, you probably should be on the racing circuit.

From the Lion's Loop area, there you have many options to extend the ride for the masochist.  After feeling pretty work by Moore Fun, we opted to stick with the plan and take the relatively tame Mary's Loop option back to the Kokopelli area.  By this time, the sun was starting to beat down and things were getting hot.  When we got to the horsethief drop in, my buddy showed me how easy it is to style the line, if you have nerves of steel and sick downhilling skill that is.  After a few failed attempts to roll into to crux section, I walked my bike down and we continued on a loop around Horsethief.  The riding is great with few isolated technical sections, but don't expect to be treated to any shade on the loop.

We were able to fend off head stroke and managed through a few mechanicals along the way, and returned to the car feeling thoughly worked.  Moore Fun can definitely be a delight, but be ready for a challenge and be sure to get an early start if you ride it in the summer!