Happy Summer

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer as much as we are here at StemCaptain.  The long winter we had here in CO finally decided to loosen it's grip, and the riding couldn't be better! Some of the crew decided to participate in the first annual Lamebird "Extreme Sports" Triathlon this past weekend.  In honor of revered old school Colorado kayaking legend Gordon Banks, the Lamebird attempts to take on 3 sports.  Gordon's version (called the Sickbird) starts at 4:00 am with an ascent of the classic trad climb the Naked Edge in Eldorado Canyon (5 pitch, 5.11a).  This is followed by a lung busting mountain road ride with 3000 ft. of climbing up a winding narrow canyon to the put in for Upper South Boulder Creek.  A casual class 5+ kayak decent down the SBC has you back in Eldo in no time.  Right!  Sick...

Not being anywhere as near bad-ass as Gordon, or one of his comrades such as Forrest Noble, we decided to start our own tradition.  The Lamebird starts with a night of drinking and BBQ -- need to hydrate and carb up of for the events to follow!  The planned 1:00 pm start was pushed back when Graeson decided that the Mexico vs. Argentina World Cup Soccer game couldn't be missed (sorry for G that Mexico lost).  2:30 start, single pitch 5.5 on the Elephant Buttresses was attempted -- not quite pulled off.  Many factors to blame, but it's not the blamebird, it's the Lamebird!  Next phase, Boulder Creek Path to Betasso's Canyon Link Trail, followed by 2 loops on the buffed out flowy Betasso singletrack - yes! to our delight the ride direction arrow was pointing left (okay we only did one loop).  Back to town just in time to tube the top part of Boulder Creek.  We probably only deserved Taco Bell, but how could we not go for margs on the Rio rooftop after all that?

The Lamebird.  It's no Sickbird :)