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Check out our friends at biketourfinder.net. They list a wide variety of tours, from self-guided mountain bike hut trips, to European road rides, Coastal tours, exotic locations, you name it:

About Us

Russ & Tina Hoefer - Founders

As a competitor in triathlons and marathons during the 80’s and 90’s, Russ enjoyed the endurance aspect of these sports. But as often happen with age, his knees started creating problems for his running, so it was back to the bike with Tina joining him. The more they rode, the more they learned about great cycling regions and tours from friends and other bike riders. The idea for BikeTourFinder finally came about while Russ and Tina were showing friends and business associates their pictures from a Ride The Rockies Tour. People loved the pictures and learning about the trip, but didn’t know how to find bike vacations themselves. No one aggregated rides and tours objectively, and the existing sites were boring or just lists.

As owners of a successful tourism publishing company with a combined 55+ years of travel and publishing experience in industries ranging from high tech and computer games to corporate investing, they have the knowledge and passion for what cycling enthusiasts are looking for, whether it is a casual wine tasting vacation, or a grueling training camp. Enjoy the site.

Want to share your thoughts? Shoot us an email - rhoefer@hoeferpublishing.com or rhoefer@biketourfinder.net.

Mission Statement

To create the desire to ride and travel by presenting exciting and objective information and opinions on road and mountain bike rides, vacations and destinations, cyclocross and gravel races, equipment, and related accessories.

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