Compass Has Arrived!

The new compass has joined the Captain fleet!!!  A little bit smaller in overall outer diameter than the classic Captain at 1.260", it is closer to the size of a normal 1 1/8" stem cap.  The Captain is here to keep you on track!

A couple of notes..  To get an accurate reading, the compass needs to be pretty close to level.  This is a sum collaboration of the angle of your head tube, the grade of the terrain, and the lean of your bike.  Many times on the trail or pavement, these forces will conspire to an optimum and your reading will be true.  The bouncing of the bike also helps keep things true by nudging the liquid suspended indicator into alignment.  But -  when choosing between heading N when it would take you off a cliff, or S into a bear cave..   find a decently level surface, hit the front or rear brake while standing over the bike and gently pull or push the handlebar to lift the front or rear tire just a bit off the ground to level the compass (there's an indicator bubble there to help).  If you are really hard core, adjust for true north... and now, it's Time to Ride...!  We think  you will like our little new addition to the StemCaptain fleet.


StemCaptain Crew.