New Parts, New Stores

Been awhile since we've posted - that's because we've been hard at work getting a new (and slightly improved) batch of StemCaptains made, just in time for prime riding season. The new clocks and thermometers feature a solid construction with a tempered glass lens, glow-in-the-dark sweep hands, and a new mounting ring style that installs even easier that the last build. These clocks are accurate and can take a beating.

The thermometers are very sweet too. One note on the thermometers that has come up a few times... Just like the any thermometer, if it's in direct sunlight, it is going to give a slightly higher reading that actual. Our thermometers are accurate to +/-2 deg. F, and they look great!

New pics to follow on the site; the new stuff has a slightly different look that I think you will like.

Also, starting next weekend our product will be featured at two new stores in the front range: Full Cycle Bikes in Ft. Collins, and on the Hill in Boulder (as well as currently available at the Pearl St. store). Later in June we plan to have them at Pedal Power in Eagle, CO.

Stay tuned!

See you on the trail,